Happy tourists

16 March 2019

This season has gone well so far for visitors to Capsalay Reef Camp. The reviews have all been 5-star, and all have been impressed with the food, notably the vegan options, but also the oeufs plats for breakfast, the barbecued chicken, and the home-made bread and pizza.

On the wildlife front the reef next to the site is in good health and impressing snorkelers, especially those spotting a manta ray. There are turtles too, sometimes on the reef but more usually off the beach on the other side of the island near the tents.

I have added a few more pages here with some details of local wildlife etc.


Rust never sleeps

If you visit pages such as Wikitravel they can give you some sketchy information about Port Barton and its environs, but keeping a web site up to date is an endless task, and just like the Forth Bridge if you don’t keep painting then rust takes over. I have just added some information on the Wikitravel page about Capsalay Reef Camp, and noticed that there are several other entries that I know are wrong and out of date, but I don’t have all of the details to fix them. So here I’ll add as much as I can, and I’ll try to put a timestamp on the information so that you can see how dated it may have become!

As an example I was told today that the local boatmen are now charging Php750 to take people to Inaladelan, and Php 1200 for a four-stop island tour. Almost double the rates on the travel page.