Rust never sleeps

If you visit pages such as Wikitravel they can give you some sketchy information about Port Barton and its environs, but keeping a web site up to date is an endless task, and just like the Forth Bridge if you don’t keep painting then rust takes over. I have just added some information on the Wikitravel page about Capsalay Reef Camp, and noticed that there are several other entries that I know are wrong and out of date, but I don’t have all of the details to fix them. So here I’ll add as much as I can, and I’ll try to put a timestamp on the information so that you can see how dated it may have become!

As an example I was told today that the local boatmen are now charging Php750 to take people to Inaladelan, and Php 1200 for a four-stop island tour. Almost double the rates on the travel page.

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