Jungle excursions

10 February 2019

Pamoayan Falls

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Pamoayan falls  – there is a small bath-sized rock pool at the top of this section

A trek of an hour or two either through rice paddies from the Pamaoyan beach or the rough “road” from Port Barton. Either way you arrive at a stretch of jungle path that follows the small river uphill. Not a particularly difficult walk, and quite popular so that you may find you have company at the pool beneath the high falls. There is a small shelter but nothing else in the way of facilities. The local lads climb about three metres up the rocks to the left of the pool to launch themselves back into the water (about a quarter of the height of the falls visible in the photo). There is plenty of room for a cooling swim for a moderate number of people. Not visible in the photo, a steep climb on the left through the jungle leads to a higher and much smaller rock basin (for the very adventurous only!).

Bigaho Falls

Misty Badbury Rings

Bigaho Falls

The pool at Bigaho is smaller and you are less likely to have company. The sitio has put a bit of effort into the path from the beach, and it is a pleasant walk, easier to navigate, but you will probably need to get a boat to the beach rather than try to walk from Port Barton town.

Other treks

There is still some primary jungle on the mountains between the San Jose junction and Port Barton, and I have been told of enthusiasts seeking the large birdwing butterflies there. Even on the tame tracks to the falls you can spot pitcher plants and gingers in bloom.